About Us

We've all found ourselves in the situation...

We're on holiday and we're going to spend what we think will be 'some' time by sending our friends, family and loved ones postcards of the wonderful time we're having and where we're having it!

Up until now this has meant finding and browsing through endless racks of postcards to find that perfect card, then spending hours writing and re-writing messages on the backs of each to everyone, before finally negotiating the local post office, queues, currencies and delivery times from far flung destinations.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to capture that moment and that place instantly? type a quick message, address and send? or quickly amend the message and send to another person?

That's what My Personal Postcard is about -

Create and Send Quality Postcards Quickly from your iPhone!

Try it for yourself right now - download mpPostcard from the App Store.

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Don't hesitate to contact us - we look forward to hearing from you.