Fast Worldwide Delivery

The My Personal Postcard operation has worldwide print and distribution facilities in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific so wherever you are sending your postcard, we are not far away!


mpPostcard: Fast Worldwide Delivery


Our fastest delivery time on record is 2 days to a destination in the United States! Typically postcards take 4 to 6 working days to deliver, however, destinations outside of Europe, Asia, and North America can take longer. Postcards should never take longer than 10 working days to deliver.

Remember that working days are not calendar days. Postcards sent on a Friday will not be processed until Monday as most postal services are not in operation on the weekend. Weekend days, public holidays, or bank holidays can affect the number of calendar days it takes to deliver your postcard.

My Personal Postcard uses our multiple worldwide manufacturing hubs to minimise the delivery time, while maintaining the highest possible quality for your postcard.

...and that's really how postcards should be!

What was the longest delivery time you've ever experienced when sending or receiving a postcard in the past?

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